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Night Vision Scope
Angle Viewfinder
Large Format Camera&Accessories
Film/Film scanner
Flash bracket
Photo Bag
Studio Light/Flash
Flash Socket/Flash Remote Controller
Lighting Accessories
Ceiling Track/Background Stand
Panhead/Car Ball head
Photo umbrella/Soft Box/Studio Flag
Lens Hood/Lens Cap
Copy Stand/Cutter
Lens Adapter/Lens adapter tube/bellows
Print dish
3D Camera
Swevil Head
Flash diffuser
Battery grip
Magic stand bracket
Camera Belt
Camera rain cover
LCD Viewfinder
Len pouch
LCD Optical Glass Screen protector
LED Video light
Studio Kit
Mobile lens
Digital Compact Camera
Digital Twin Lens Reflect Camera

Shanghai Seagull Trading Inc. is a member of Shanghai Seagull Camera Co.,ltd., which is the leading camera manufacturer in China.
Seagull is the oldest camera maker in China.The product line of Seagull includes TLR cameras, SLR cameras, CCD and SLR camera lenses, large-format cameras, film, night vision scopes,angle viewfinders and many kinds of photography accessories & equipments. Seagull has made 21 million cameras since it was founded in 1958.
It was established on Jul.,2005 And it has a registered capital of RMB 3 million We do all export and import business for our parent company -Shanghai Seagull Camera Co.,Ltd., which was built in 1958 with registered capital of RMB 150 million. So we have 50 years experience in photography line.
Seagull is specialized in R&D, manufacture and marketing of digital products, SLR cameras, TLR cameras, interchangeable lenses and all kinds of photographic accessories. Seagull group has 4 main subordinate, such as optical parts factory, lens assembly factory, camera assembly factory and digital products factory. Main production factories are locating in ˇ°Seagull Industrial Parkˇ±. There are 1000 workers and staff members in the Park. Seagull has complete developing, design, processing and marketing net system. It is a concentration enterprise integrated by digital technology, optics, mechanism and electronics.

·Night Vision Scope ·Angle Viewfinder ·Lens ·Large Format Camera&Accessories ·Film/Film scanner ·Flash bracket
·Filter ·Photo Bag ·Studio Light/Flash ·Flash Socket/Flash Remote Controller ·Lighting Accessories ·Tripod/Stand
·Ceiling Track/Background Stand ·Panhead/Car Ball head ·Photo umbrella/Soft Box/Studio Flag ·Lens Hood/Lens Cap ·Copy Stand/Cutter ·Lens Adapter/Lens adapter tube/bellows
·Blower ·Print dish ·3D Camera ·Swevil Head ·Flash diffuser ·Battery grip
·Magic stand bracket ·Camera Belt ·Camera rain cover ·LCD Viewfinder ·Len pouch ·LCD Optical Glass Screen protector
·LED Video light ·Studio Kit ·Mobile lens ·Digital Compact Camera ·Digital Twin Lens Reflect Camera
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