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Adjustable eyesight: +/-4 diopter
¡¡Product Information

Seagull Right Angle Finder for Digital SLR Cameras

The Right-angle finder is ideal for close-up work, copying, low-angle and high-angle shots microscope and telescope photography. It can be attached onto most of the 35mm and Digital SLR cameras¡¯ viewfinders by means of the coupling shoe on the Finder. The optics gives you a much brighter image than a normal viewfinder of a camera. The adjustable eyepiece compensates spectacle wearers. The roof prism construction allows  the image to be seen the right way round.

Optical construction:   9-elements in 5 groups,  high quality glass roof prism.
Magnification:  x1 & x2
Adjustable eyesight:   _+ 4 diopter
                          & OLYMPUS.
Dimensions:  60 x 35 x 85mm
Net weight:  82gms
Product Appendix
No Appendix£¡
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