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””Product Information


The seagull viewfinder is a magnifier for use with various single-lens reflex camera or digital single-lens reflex camera (referred to below as "camera").The image in the center part of the finder is expanded to about 2.3 times. This is useful when more accurate focusing is required, such as for telephoto,close-up,or duplicate shots.The entire visual field can be checked without detaching the magnifier from the camera.The eyepiece is an adjustable diopter.

A Identifying the parts
1 Diopter adjusting ring
2 Fitting shoe
3 Adapter for various camera

B Handing the Magnifier
Fitting to the camera
After removing the eyecup from the camera,fit the right adapter for the camera,then put the magnifier to the left and right grooves of the camera'
s eyepiece frame and slide on the fitting shoe.
Adjusting the diopter
1 Set the camera lens to infinity (”Ž),and point it at a distant object.
2 Rotate the diopter adjusting ring until the object in the finder appears clearest to your eye (B-1).In this state, focus the camera on a subject.The diopter can be adjusted from +3.0 to -7.6
How to use 
1 Raise the magnifier to the position shown in the illustration to check the entire visual field of the finder(B-2).
2 Put the madnifier down and, if necessary ,focus on a subject again. Rotate the magnifier in the direction of the arrow when attaching or removing the flash,or when checking the entire visual field with the flash attached (B-3).
The attachment can come loose when you rotate the magnifier. If this happens push the magnifier down.
Dimensions         Approx.82x76x51mm
Mass                  Approx 15g(0.5oz)
Included items    1 Magnifier 
                          2 Carrying case

Adapter for vaious camera
                          4 Eyecup
                          5 Instruction 

Product Appendix
No Appendix£”
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