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LCD Optical Glass Screen protector
LCD Optical Glass Screen Protector

 Product Information


LCD Optical Glass Screen Protector
COMPACT SP-CP01 2.5" 2.5" PCS 1.90 2.5"LCD
SP-CP02 2.7" 2.7" PCS 1.90 2.7"LCD
SP-CP03 2.8" 2.8" PCS 1.90 2.8"LCD
SP-CP04 3.0" 3.0" PCS 2.20 3.0"LCD  4:3FRAME
SP-CP05 3.0W 3.0" PCS 2.20 CANON SX210
CANON  SP-CN01 30D 2.5" PCS 2.60 EOS-30D
SP-CN02 400D 2.5" PCS 2.60 EOS-400D
SP-CN03 450/500D 3.0" PCS 2.60 450D500D
SP-CN04 500D 3.0" PCS 2.60 500D
SP-CN05 550D 3.1" PCS 2.60 EOS-550D
SP-CN06 1000D 2.5" PCS 2.60 EOS-1000D
SP-CN07 50D/5D 3.0" PCS 2.60 40D/50D/5D
SP-CN08 5D 2.5" PCS 2.60 EOS-5D
SP-CN09 7D 3.0" PCS 2.60 EOS-7D
SP-CN10 1D 3.0" PCS 3.10 1DⅢ、1Ds
SP-CN11 1D 3.0" PCS 3.10 EOS-1Dmark
SP-CN12 60D 3.0" PCS 2.60 EOS-60D
SP-CN13 G11/G12 3.0" PCS 2.60 G11G12
SP-CN14 G9/G10 3.0" PCS 2.60 G9G10
SP-CN15 600D 3.0" PCS 2.60 EOS600D
SP-CN16 1100D 3.0" PCS 2.60 EOS110D
NIKON  SP-NK01 D40 2.5" PCS 2.60 D40D40x
SP-NK02 D60 2.5" PCS 2.60 D60
SP-NK03 D80 2.5" PCS 3.10 D80
SP-NK04 D90 3.0" PCS 3.10 D90
SP-NK05 D3 3.0" PCS 3.10 D3D3x
SP-NK06 D3s 3.0" PCS 3.10 D3s
SP-NK07 D200 2.5" PCS 3.10 D200
SP-NK08 D300/300s 3.0" PCS 3.10 D300D300s
SP-NK09 D700 3.0" PCS 3.10 D700
SP-NK10 D3000 3.0" PCS 2.60 D3000
SP-NK11 D5000 2.7" PCS 2.60 D5000
SP-NK12 D3100 3.0" PCS 2.60 D3100
SP-NK13 D7000 3.0" PCS 2.60 D7000
SP-NK14 P90 3.0" PCS 2.60 D5100
  SP-NK15 D5100 3.0" PCS 2.60 P91
SONY  SP-SN01 α300/350 2.7" PCS 2.60 α300α350
SP-SN02 α500/550 3.0" PCS 2.60 α500α550
SP-SN03 α700 3.0" PCS 2.60 α700
SP-SN04 α900 3.0" PCS 2.60 α-900
SP-SN05 α390 3.0" PCS 2.60 α-390
SP-SN06 NEX3/5 3.0" PCS 2.60 NEX3/5
PENTAX  SP-PT01 K20D 2.7" PCS 2.60 K20DK200D
SP-PT02 K7 3.0" PCS 2.60 K7
SP-PT03 K-x 2.7" PCS 2.60 K-x
OLYMPUS  SP-OP01 EP1/EP2 3.0" PCS 2.60 EP1EP2
SAMSUNG  SP-SM01 NX10 3.0" PCS 2.60 NX10
SP-PS02 LX-3 3.0" PCS 2.60 LX3 LEICA D-LUX4


We use 0.5mm optical glass and its under the especial aggrandizement techniques which made it have high diaphaneity, wearable, quality and it is easy to install.
We have five special protections, anti-dusty, anti-scratch, anti-dirt, anti-aging, anti-strike which protect the screen well.
Five special protections 
Six professional process
The efficiency difference between The specialities LCD screen protector and the plastics LCD screen protector


Product Appendix
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